Grow you programs with proven strategies from our team of experts.

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Grow your programs with proven strategies from our team of experts.

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Education Management Services provides curriculum development services to colleges and universities.

  • We are Biblically-based:  Our curriculum is written from a Christian perspective with a Biblical Principle Approach.  Our goal is to practice our Christian principles across our service areas as well.
  • We are 25% of the Cost of our Competition:  Other providers charge up to 65% of tuition revenue.  We provide instructional design services for one fourth or less of that cost.
  • We cap at a 5-Year Payment Term:  Where some providers charge a percentage of tuition for as long as you work with them, we cap our payment term at five years.
  • We are Enrollment-Driven:  Not only do we set our pricing so that you pay as you have students but our focus is on helping you grow your institution through online programming. 
  • We are Quality-Driven:  Our curriculum is developed to meet the specifications of the client, its accreditors, and the field. 
  • We are Full Service:  We not only provide instructional design but a full range of services that support your programs.